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Patio Slabs
Why settle for dull rectangle concrete slabs when you can choose from a wonderful range of Benview Patio Paving in a variety of Colours and Styles.

Mix several sizes of random laid Benview York Paving and create the look of a Natural Flagstone Patio, or use our Riven Paving to create a cut Flagstone Patio, either will create a stylish and traditional area for you to enjoy.

Our Riven Circle or Squared York Octagon can be used to create a stylish patio on their own, or incorporated as a centre piece into a larger area of random paving. Benview Patios also has paving which will create the effect of a traditional Cobble Court Yard and a Rustic or Herringbone Brick effect.

Small York Paving
Large York Paving
Riven Paving
Courtyard Cobble
York Octagon
Herringbone Brick
Rivan Circle
Rustic Brick
Curving Path
Choose your own unique Colour
At Benview Patios all styles of paving is available in our four main colours,Slate Grey, Benview Grey, Sandstone and Rustic, but we also recognize that every customer is unique, so we provide a service where by we can work with a customer to create any of our paving styles in a colour which is perfect for them.
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